Beisembinova Elena

Elena Bejsimbinova - was born on July, 24th, 1941 in the city of Saratov. In 1967 graduated the Moscow high art-industrial school (former Stroganovskoe). A member of the Union of Cinematographers. Since 1963 participates in republican international exhibitions.Yelena Sergeevna Bejsembinova began the career as the artist of decoratively applied art and animated cinema.By the end to 70 beginning of 80th years, gets popularity as the author of book illustrations,  pencil figures and series of lithographs. Since 1985 at exhibitions there were the first painting canvases, fixed the begining of the new phase of creativity. In  this area of art  joined together various motives: adherence of family tradition, and the realized responsibility of the creative person, and sensitively caught impulses of the intellectual environment of the contemporaries who anew opened for herself charm of a heritage of classics. The world of the nature, attributes of a trade of the artist and subjects occupying a workshop are seen and transferred in such a manner that in their image there is concentrated that spirituality on which the people aspiring to beauty and harmony feeling nostalgia. The special aura in E.Bejsembinovoj's works is defined by a choice of objects, their silent dialogue with each other, with space and a background.


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