Duzelkhanov Agimsaly

Agimsaly Duzelkhanov was born on August 19th, 1951 in Kazalinsk, Kyzyl-Orda Region. He graduated Almaty Art School, and later Moscow state institute after V.I.Surikov.

Beginning from 1982 he is working in Art Academy after Zhurgenev as a teacher, has an award for Excellence in Education of Kazakhstan, obtained diplomas from a number of national and international exhibitions and contests. His paintings you can find in residence of President of Kazakhstan in Almaty and Astana, in residence of President of Turkmenistan.

Agimsaly Duselkhanov has a number of different awards. His works are highly appreciated in any collections.

The member of Art Union of USSR from 1985. In 1992 he participated in creation of design of the new souvereign currency of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The Associate Professor of the State Art Academy. The Laureat of the State prize of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2003.

Agimsaly Duselkhanov is working in traditional academic art school, which is always was the main direction for the kazakhstani art, and which is still the main platform for his art works. He is all makes graphics and illustrates the books