Akhmetov Bulat

The founder of his own "Steel" style in painting, combining ways of Flemish classic school of painting and rigid graphic art. The artist, the architect, the musician, the composer. The surprisingly presented by many talents  person lives and works in Kazakhstan in Almaty. The head of the architectural studio, creates painting in  superrealism style, a constant theme of his canvas - mountains of Kazakhstan. Besides produce disks - guitar melodies, in blues style, and style of the Alma-Aty sub-culture-70,he has stylized the Kazakh traditional songs on popular in 60-s group Shadows.  Bulat sings and executes solo on a guitar. He was born in day of death of Stalin and parents have named him Bulat - that means Damask steel . Probably therefore he writes paintings in such rigid style, writing out each stone and each crack on slopes of his favourite mountains - The Tyan-shyan ridge. Ahmetov Bulata's paintings are in private collections in Holland, England, Russia and Kazakhstan.


Tuyuk-Su Peaks

"Ozerniyu" peak

Khan Tengri peak

Tuyuk-Su Peaks (panoprama)

Khan Tengri - northen wall

Komsomol peak

Khan-Tengri peak

Khan-Tengri foreskis

Tuyuk-Su Peak

Komsomol peak

Kazakh mask

Big Kazakh mask

African mask

Singing mask