"Green Bazar" in Almaty


On March, 24th in Salon of arts "artfoglio" opening of an exhibition of creative commonwealth of artists "the GREEN MARKET" will take place.

The creative commonwealth of artists "GREEN MARKET" represents 15 authors from Almaty working in various styles and directions of the fine arts. The exhibition represents products of painting, a drawing and a sculpture. Among artists of commonwealth "GREEN MARKET" such known masters as Karmine Barbaro, Vladimir and Elena Grigorjan, Galija and Balhija Kusainovy, Vsevolod Demidov, Sergey Ledjaev, Svetlana Plotnikova, Alexander Lvovich, Violetta Knutova, Anna Margatskaja, George Makarov, Askar Esdauletov, Edward Kazarjan, Mihaeli Rasim.

Basic feature of art of Kazakhstan is its multinational factor. Along with the Kazakh painters, sculptors and schedules in republic the Korean artists work Russian, Armenian, Italian, Spanish, Ukrainian, and.

The concept of products of group is the reference to symbolics "green" that has found expression in a choice of a colour palette, the subject maintenance, and as use of those or other attributes of east market. "The green" symbolics in author's interpretation is extensive and various.

Source: Art.Gazeta.kz

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