Master-class of painting «Immersion in to super-realism» of the Kazakhstan artist Akhmetov Bulat


Soon will take place summer master-class of painting «Immersion in to super-realism» of the Kazakhstan artist Akhmetov Bulat.

Intensive 5-days course of painting implies 9 hours of painting daily with an artist.

(Info about an artist and some of  his artworks are presented on the site.)


The program  of master class

1st day

  • Super-realism of the mountain landscape
  • Introduction
  • Bases of style
  • Acquaintance with base ways


2nd day

  • Super-realism of the mountain landscape
  • Mastering of base ways
  • Methods of Flemish school of painting
  • Detailed drawing


3 day

  • Portrait super realism in the paintings of Boris Vallejo
  • Base ways
  • Drawing human figure


4 day

  • Animalistic and super-realism of subject in the paintings of Vallejo
  • Metallic dolphins and etc
  • Mastering of basic ways of painting of different surfaces (metal, skin, wool et cetera).


5 day

  • Bonus - acrylic and Watercolour painting of H.Leung.
  • How to draw a picture a cost 1000 dollars for 1 day?!
  • Basic methods
  • Working out in detail.






The beginning of Master class - 1st of June, 2008
Place - Kazakhstan, Almaty
A cost of course (per person)  -$ 2250
A group - 12 persons.

A seating capacity is limited; we will inform you about forming of the group.

All interested persons can take part in master class: Professional artists, students of artistic academies, novices and dilettantes, (whoever never before got a brush). There are not limitations of ages, of sexual sign, of religious and political persuasions.

Necessary minimum of artistic belongings:

  • 4 canvas for sketch (for oil) 60х40 centimetres (strained on a frame and covered by base layer)
  • an album of water-colour paper (format A3)
  • Watercolour paints and brushes for a water-colour – minimum 1, 4 and 7 size
  • Acrylic paints in the tubes (primary colours + white) and brush for acrylic (flat and round) – minimum 1, 4 and 7 size
  • oil paints in the tubes (primary colours + white) of brush for oil  (flat and round) – minimum 1, 4 and 7 size



We wait your requests till 10 of May.
the address:
If you have questions: phone: +7 705 713 1111

A request for two persons have discount 5 %
Request on three and more than persons have discount 10% and according to 15%



The cost of master class not included:

  • Air flight, cost of residence in a hotel, transport charges on travel from a hotel to the audience of master class and back, breakfasts, suppers.
  • Brushes, paints, canvases.  The taught brings artistic belongings with themselves or buys in the artistic shops of Almaty (Choice is enormous recommend not to take all this things
  • with yourself, at least, canvases).


The cost of master class included:

  • Dinners. The listener of course will not squander time searching the dinner, dinners will be in the nearest restaurant and plugged in the cost of teaching.
  • Easels teem will help you to choose a hotel in accordance your budget (if it will be necessary).


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