About the speed of work on the plener.


Driving out on plener, I usually plan to make 2-4 etudes a day. The thing is not in an amount works and not in speed, but in any case to time for work on nature usually not very much – a rain can begin or weather changing and speed and skill which allows to catch and pass basic in the flow of 2-4 hours, very important.
We will consider basic moments which allow to write landscape productively:
  1. Imagination. Before there how to break to work, in a head already owe there will be certain Image, that you will do and how you will do it. It is helped by the preliminary stage of confluence with nature. it is necessary to feel yourself a part of it, a little to blend in surrounding, to understand a mood and state of nature. Think, that it’s the main point in the prosecution of landscape.
   2. Materials for work. Foundation is a canvas, DVP or cardboard must be well covered soil and not to absorb butter. It is necessary to be determined with the format of foundation for this concrete landscape. Take a few wide, a few middle and a few narrow brushes, rough, resilient, and soft. In general, you are better to be well equipped. Paints, rag for brushes cleaning ', solvent', camera, tea. et cetera.
3. The Beginning. We were determined with composition. It is better to mortgage a future picture a wide, resilient brush, taking a brush large portion of paint, which all pores of foundation at once were filled. We determine sky and distance plan. It is not necessary to specify details. Now we create the general atmosphere of landscape and decide the questions of air prospect.
   4. Middle and front distance. Here we determine basic colour the masses, while generalized, but it is already needed to feel general composition of colour the masses, their correlation, their combination, as they conduct and send (or will send) the look of spectator. A spectator involuntarily will go well-trodden your understanding of path. We enjoy Colour and Tone and decide these tasks exactly now. I try at once to get in tone, but it does not turn out frequently. then I bring in amendments.  Main is not afraid to try and search. If all is done correctly, where to in a half hour on a canvas already there is not a white place.
    5. Clarification. We specify, correct, analyse a result, and insert amendments.
   6. Read. Painting it is Letter. And it must be Readable. It is your message. Maybe, that Painting it is Sense. Sense of Unity, sense of Composition, sense of Contrast, sense of Line, sense of Correlations, sense of Tone.. What these senses are better developed and than skills of transmission are better mastered them in material, so much the better there will be your letter, the more pleasant than him to read.. And an audience read strangely enough also by senses. :)
For example – green hardly different tones in relation to each other unread. And the chlorine will be well read on rifle-green, dark blue, red and etc Defining basic colour the masses, you must present the basic heroes of your work.
7. Protagonists. Now we take more narrow brushes and write our protagonists: bindweeds, cedars, and poplars. Stumps, small bushes and all to, that will be our main maintenance. There is such rule – it is necessary to move up from general to private.
8. Palette-knife.   His use on this stage helps quickly to form necessary colour mass and form of object, and to create a good texture, that by sight works also and on an air prospect. Determine the lightest locations them in a picture.
9. Details. If all was done correctly, an etude already must look complete exactly as an etude. If you like to go deep into detail not at the workshop, but in place, on the final stage can use here such reception. A resilient, old brush is needed will be. We do them her trident, scissoring out superfluous.

      By a small touch to the canvas it creates at once a few little strokes and by her comfortably quickly to write flowers, ears, leaves and yet a lot of what. Bringing such necessary and delicious details. Experiment with a size and form of brush.  Trust, it is far better, to write all leaves the brush of the first size on a distant plan.

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