At first did an easy sketch. Often motion of work prompts work assignment and sometimes it strongly differs from planned.

Every artist has "co-authors". It and brushes, which are used format of canvas and different ideas, which arise up during work. Therefore use the detailed picture only in composition difficult pictures.

    Did sky more dense tone, with a calculation on to, that a snowfall in future was better read.
    I try to go from dark places to light one, being not afraid to "overdo" in tone.

Deciding a task with distant and middle distance, passed to central part.

    Light places on write with snow the thick involving whitewashed with Neapolitan rose. I quite a little add also Neapolitan yellow. Snow has a rich palette of tints.

Violet, lilac, blue, dark blue and green colours go to motion.

    On a foreground I use palette knife. I like often to use the unexpected elements of invoice and some "negligence", to my mind, makes work more "living". I inflict details by thin brushes.

    Making off work and giving her a little dry out, create a snowfall.
For this purpose stirring a few light tones on a palette, beat a resilient brush on a palette knife, which hold before a picture. The effect of sparks is created. At first I " sprinkle" light cold tones (a paint is liquid divorced), after pass light warm. Work is complete.

Pavel Kalugin


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