Slate-pencil shaving


I invented this technique. Once I sharpened a pencil and tailings of slate-pencil, which were on a scalpel, wiped at a paper. Quite on the way glancing on this track, I suddenly stopped and thought, that interesting texture turned out.
Once or twice made attempt repeat this action. Gradually began to pick up the methods of application of such reception.
A main idea consists of tom, to convert the slate-pencil of pencil into powder, shavings on a paper. Then, this powder it is needed a scalpel to chafe in a paper. Pressure on a scalpel it is needed to pick up so that powder gained a
Foothold on a paper and pressing tracks were not visible.

This technique little like on pointillism. You will pay attention, as grains of slate-pencil of different colours near each other, forming at a look from distance a general total colour.
Lips, eyes and some other exact details are drawn a pencil in general a way. Grinding up a slate-pencil is possible a small knife, it was more comfortable me to use a medical scalpel. A form of blade its width and sharpening sharpness, are very important here. Well and it is farther needed to practice. Practice - it to, that will help to answer all further questions. Height of pencil above a paper, direction of shavings - it is possible to change and use all of it in artistic aims. A paper also can influence on an eventual result. A paper roughness can give an additional texture effect. On a next picture you see a picture, which can ensue.

Vladimir Chursin

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